Maricopa Trail

The Maricopa Trail is what inspired the Prickly Pedal mountain bike race to begin. It’s an awesome experience of more than 300 miles of seamlessly connected desert trails, and the Prickly Pedal is the perfect race to celebrate it.

The grand vision is that the Maricopa Trail will eventually form a giant emerald ring around the Phoenix metropolitan area. It will link Maricopa County’s 10 regional parks that surround the valley in an endless loop. Today about 275 miles of the trail are open to the public, and when complete, it will be a total of 315 miles long.

Prickly Pedal riders will race on the northernmost part of the trail between Cave Creek and Lake Pleasant (long course).

In order to keep the trail as beautiful as the day it was founded, the nonprofit Maricopa Trail + Park Foundation  works hard to preserve its natural resources. The foundation maintains the Maricopa Trail and all of the regional county parks through fundraising and through events like the Prickly Pedal.

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The Maricopa Trail is one of a kind. It preserves the Sonoran desert for everyone’s use and is a natural wonder you won’t find anywhere else. Register for the Prickly Pedal today and experience it for yourself.

See a map of the Maricopa Trail