DIY Prickly Pedal Challenge

Maricopa Trail

Cave Creek to Lake Pleasant (Beardsley CSR).

Take the Challenge and support the Maricopa Trail. Anyone can ride, walk, run or be an equestrian – the DIY, self-supported ride starts in Cave Creek at Spur Cross and finishes at Beardsley CSR trailhead (near Lake Pleasant). Challenges are NOT RACES. Open to all ages. Participants will track their Challenge activity by a GPS-enabled device and upload to the Challenge dashboard for tracking and displaying activity, and participant leaderboard hosted by RunSignup.

Challenge must be completed between 8am PST on Sunday, January 3 and 5pm PST on Sunday, January 31, 2021. Event shirt, leaderboard, bragging rights, and virtual cheers included.

Prickly Pedal Race course map

Maricopa Trail Challenge Fee Dates
Men 18 and under $45 1/3 – 1/31
Men ages 19 + $45 1/3 – 1/31
Women 18 and under $45 1/3 – 1/31
Women ages 19+ $45 1/3 – 1/31

Register Here (hosted by RunSignup)


The Basics

  • Challenge must be completed between 8am PST Sunday, January 3 and 5pm PST Sunday, January 31
  • In order to be eligible for Challenge event shirt, participants must have a GPS Tracking device (cycling computer, fitness watch, smartphone or any device that allows you to record/upload activity tracking).
  • eMTB’s are allowed in Challenge.


  • Be Safe. Abide by the rules of the Maricopa Trail. Share the trail. Keep your speed in check. Your safety is YOUR responsibility. Challenges are NOT RACES. Use good judgement, do not take risks that would stress your local medical care facility. Abide by your local health and safety rules for social/physical distancing.
  • Be Honest. This is a fun event to challenge each other and do good. Just follow the rules and be honest as you execute the Challenge. We are aware and monitor leaderboards – we reserve the right to flag/disqualify rides.
  • Be Accountable. Adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to social distancing, any stay at home ordinances and travel policies.
  • Be Responsible. Abide by all local laws and traffic rules. Prepare accordingly. Carry ample food, hydration, and maintenance supplies and have an emergency plan in place. Have a transportation plan in place.
  • Respect all participants and the public. Ride as friends and part of the Maricopa Trail community.
  • By entering the Challenge you agree that you are undertaking this challenge entirely at your own risk. Maricopa Trail and Park Foundation, Maricopa Parks and Recreation, Maricopa County and all third parties, involved in the Challenge accept no liability for your actions, safety or harm to others.
  • By entering the Challenge you agree to follow the federal, state and local COVID-19 regulations regarding travel, social distancing, entry into park areas, etc. Do the right thing! Any participants found in violation will be disqualified.
  • By entering the Challenge you agree to have your email address shared with our partners (who are awesome!). You may be added to their email lists, but you can easily unsubscribe from any distribution lists that are not of interest.
Acknowledgement of Risk/Waiver

● Challenge participants are required to sign the Prickly Pedal DIY Waiver available during the online registration process.


If you are riding a bicycle, USA Cycling Policies apply. NO USA Cycling Membership or License Required.

When do I have to complete the Challenge?
The Challenge must be logged between 8am PST January 3 and 5pm PST on January 31. Complete the length from Cave Creek to Beardsley CSR.
What exercise activities are OK to complete the Challenge?
The Challenge is open to runners, hikers, equestrians, and cyclists. Respect all participants and the public. Ride as friends and part of the endurance sport community. Follow the IMBA rules of the trail – yield appropriately.
Can I complete any of the Challenges on my mountain bike?
Sure! Challenge is open to all bikes, including e-bikes.
Will there be prizes for the top Challenge category finishers?
No, BUT Challenge finishers will earn a commemorative event shirt – distributed after the Challenge ends.
What’s stopping someone from cheating?
We do have a number of ways that we can detect cheaters, however we do realize that no matter what we do, or how we structure it people are always going to be able to cheat if that’s what they want to do. E.g. Put their Fitbit on their dog!

There are no prizes for first place.

If someone wants to cheat, then they are only really cheating themselves and wasting their money.
How do I access the Challenge once I’ve signed up?
When you sign up for the Challenge you will set up a RunSignup account where you can log in and access the Prickly Pedal DIY Challenges.


DIY Prickly Pedal Challenge results are different than physical race results in many ways, including:

  • Results are available but posting is optional. No awards – you earn bragging rights.
  • Everyone is encouraged to post results.
  • You will receive an email, separate from your confirmation, that contains a link with details for submitting your Challenge results.

RunSignup now supports the ability for participants to submit their virtual results by uploading their GPS activity recorded while using third party types of tracking tools. Participants record their activities for Prickly Pedal DIY Challenges on a multitude of devices and platforms. Two very common formats of data are GPX and FIT, which services like Garmin and Strava use to store activity data.

RunSignup gives users the ability to quickly and easily enter in their activity data by selecting a GPX or FIT file from their computer. Their personalized data will automatically fill in, including the Distance, Date, Elevation Gain, and Time fields from the activity file being submitted.

This feature is available to all users without any need to enable it on the back end. Participants will see a Load Activity from File button while logging their activity which they can click to open up a panel to submit a file.

You can submit and manage your virtual results directly from your account. To do this, log in to your RunSignup account and select Manage Registration.

Visit here for more information

NOTE there is NO SUPPORT for this Challenge – make sure you are prepared.